Split and Mix

A Split and Mix week is 2 days of riding off piste on regular snowboards and 3 days of splitboarding. The splitboards will get you further out of resort to find great snow and bigger lines to ride.

If you have ever looked up at an untouched powder face and thought to yourself “I want to snowboard down it” then you should be seriously considering splitboarding.

You don’t necessarily need to be Jeremy or even Jenny Jones to get out and experience the feeling of true freedom in beautiful surroundings that splitboarding brings. 

Our goal on a Split and Mix week is to get more people tuned in to the splitboarding and backcountry snowboarding experience.  We achieve this by not only making it fun but by showing that those powder faces really can be accessible.

On a Split and Mix week we will teach you how to use a splitboard properly – from the basics of transitioning the board from ride to walk mode and back again to the correct techniques required for efficient uphill skinning. Ongoing throughout the course are workshops on reading terrain, assessing snow pack stability, and how to move safely in the mountains. Sessions on using avalanche equipment and what to do in case of one also feature. We also offer off piste and freeride technique tuition throughout.

During the first 3 days you will be taught the basics of splitboarding by Rider Social guide Rory Burton. On the last 2 days you will be heading out with a Rider Social UIAGM guide (Paulo or Jean-Yves) to take your new found skills into some incredible Portes Du Soleil terrain.

This is hands down the best value splitboard and backcountry snowboarding package currently available in the Portes Du Soleil.

If you like snowboarding off piste then you will love a Split and Mix week with The Rider Social – The Portes Du Soleil Splitboard Company.

Check out this edit from one of our previous Split and Mix groups.

Splitboarding Chatel. A Split’n’Mix week edit from February 2015 from The Rider Social on Vimeo.

What people say:

“Trying to sum up another amazing week of snowboarding with The Rider Social – words are sort of failing, so here’s a picture instead… The greatest snow, wonderful walks, endless powder turns and so many good times in the stunning Châtel valley, with hugest thanks to Paul, Rory, Fi, and Paulo for making one very special alpine week for us” – Katherine Potsides 2015

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