Off Piste Performance

Our off piste performance week has been designed for snowboarders who are looking to further develop their skills in order to ride a wide range of varied terrain comfortably and effectively.

This course is an excellent precursor to our Split and Mix weeks and aimed at snowboarders who are excited at the prospect of riding splitboard accessed backcountry but who aren’t yet fully confident in their ability to negotiate and deal with the terrain involved.

During this intensive five day course you will learn how to ride faster, smoother and with increased control.

Our aim is to help you better understand the dynamics of snowboarding and discover the rhythm that comes naturally from your personal style of riding. Learn about how your board flexes and how that affects your turning and also about the subtler body movements required for optimum edge control.

The modules will cover:

  • Riding steep terrain: snowboard safely and with confidence on aspects up to 40 degrees
  • Variable snowpack: riding off-piste we will look at line choice and how to anticipate and deal with natural hazards
  • Switch riding: a super useful skill to have in your bag when faced with a heelside traverse
  • Powder technique: if there is fresh snow then we will teach you how best to ride it
  • We will also be filming you in order to help you progress through professional video analysis

After a rest day on the Thursday we will take you and your new skill set and put them into practice with a Rider Social UIAGM guide. This will be an incredible day exploring some of the best freeride terrain in the Portes Du Soleil which you will be more than ready to ride with power, confidence and style.

For more information then please get in touch.