Break Into Backcountry

Break Into Backcountry is a splitboard course designed for those who maybe already have a little splitboarding experience probably achieved at resort level but who are now ready to go move up to higher altitudes. If you want to spend overnight time in the high mountains & ride bigger lines whilst learning backcountry craft in a safe environment then this splitboard backcountry course is for you.

This splitboard backcountry introduction combines all the elements required to help you step up to the next level in big mountain snowboarding.

You will learn how to effectively use ropes for crevasse rescue and glacier travel. Boot crampons for glacier & broken ground ascents and self arrest techniques using an ice axe.  Also included are ongoing modules on determining avalanche risk, freeride and skinning technique and also how to move safely in the mountains.

It’s not all work and learning though as we are totally committed to taking you to snowboard in some incredible places and on unforgettable terrain.

You will spend overnight time in high mountain refuge huts and the days searching for the best snow that the mountain has to offer in stunning and wild surroundings.

As ever TRS Splitboarding will ascertain where the best conditions for that week are thereby ensuring that you have an unforgettable experience with us. We might travel to Italy, Austria, Switzerland or (should conditions be optimum) just stay in France to guarantee you the best weather and snow for your trip.

The break into backcountry course runs from Saturday to Friday. You will be fully UIAGM guided over 5 days.  Expect to spend 3 nights at altitude in high mountain huts and 3 nights in a hotel (or equivalent ) whilst in resort.

A complimentary return airport transfer and use of splitboarding equipment are included in the price too. 

If you are a high intermediate snowboarder (with a good level of fitness) and are ready to get out there for a bigger adventure then this is for you.