Never Summer UK

From Mid January 2018 We Will Have The Full Range Of Never Summer 2019 Boards For Test.

Now into our seventh year as a Never Summer snowboards test centre, we are super proud to be able to offer you the chance to try these hand built boards where they are best tested – out on the mountain.

Freeride / Big Mountain

The Chairman
This is Never Summer's flagship freeride snowboard and for 2018 features their Ripsaw rocker camber profile. The Chairman board might seem quite an intimidating prospect at first given that it is a firm ride. However, it is the lightness and maneuverability of the board that really makes it stand out for us. The Chairman is super responsive edge to edge, carves like a dream, floats well (although needs a tad more work to keep those nose up) and won't ever let you down negotiating steeps and technical lines. This is a board for any snowboarder that chases freeride terrain and who also appreciates a super strong but lightweight board that makes for a less energy sapping bootpack or hike. 

The Aura has evolved from being the sister to the Never Summer Ripsaw to a true thoroughbred women's freeride snowboard. It features the Ripsaw profile with a Carbonium topsheet and tapered freeride shape. The flex is mid/firm and it is aimed at ladies who can shred. Its enhanced stability means bigger, faster carves and it can happily take on cliff drops and couloirs. This is a favourite go - to snowboard for many of the ladies on Rider Social weeks. Mrs Rider Social loves hers! If you like to charge hard from peak to piste then you should be considering the Aura. Also available as a splitboard.

The Swift is a part of the Never Summer Shaper series but we have included it in this category given its ability to ride the whole mountain even when its not a powder day. If you are lucky enough to score it fresh & deep on your trip then this is a must try snowboard. Its huge nose tapers down to a bat tail and the mid/firm flex allows it to porpoise at speed through deep, deep snow. You will experience no leg burn and no submarining of the tip. On the Swift you will usually be the first one down the mountain! It features a new profile for this season - original rocker camber at the front and the Ripsaw profile at the back. It was the standout board for us winter 2017. Also now available in a split version

All Mountain


The Proto Type Two has come a long way since it first appeared a few years back and became an instant classic in the Never Summer lineup. Today the Proto features a Ripsaw profile matched with an asymmetrical true twin shape and a deeper radius sidecut on the heelside edge. That means it delivers unbelievable pop, trench digging edge hold and is super easy to spin. It holds its own in powder (even in shorter lengths) ploughs through chop and can be ridden all day without too much rider fatigue. This has been the best selling board in Never Summers lineup for a fair few seasons for good reason. Try this board if you like to charge the whole mountain and maybe finish the day with a few park laps.

The much loved award winning ladies Infinity hasn't changed much over the years with good reason. It is a fun and effortless snowboard to ride anywhere in any conditions. Many testers have given it back saying that its like being given power steering all of a sudden. Mid flexing with the original rocker camber profile means it is as happy buttering the pistes as it is charging on a powder day. A great choice if you like to ride a bit of everything on your trip. In our opinion its a great allrounder for intermediate snowboarders. However, the Carbon VXR laminate also means that it is agile and stable enough for better riders.


The West is the replacement for the muched loved Never Summer Heritage snowboard and had a lot too live up to. It is a directional twin with a super light core and aggressive Ripsaw profiling making it an extremely powerful snowboard. Fast, agile and balanced for freestyle this is a perfect backcountry booter snowboard in our opinion but will rip the whole mountain. Try this if you are a good intermediate looking to step up to a more serious snowboard.


The Snowtrooper replaced the classic SL a few seasons back. We loved the SL however it is the new extended transition areas at the tip and tail of this setback directional twin that have made it a super solid all round snowboard. Its original rocker camber profile means that it is effortless to ride making it ideal for long cruisy piste days but will have you whooping for more on powder days. If you like your old SL you will love the Snowtrooper


The Ripsaw was the first Never Summer board to feature their new profile back in 2015. Since then the profile (rocker between the bindings, camber under the bindings and transition areas at the tip and tail) has been rolled out to many other models in the line up. This is a true twin and perfectly balanced - you could call it the Proto Type Two on steroids. Not a snowboard for everyone as you will need to be on your game to ride this beauty. However, its fast, stable and oh so powerful. A go to of ours for those cliff drop days. We say that its a board aimed squarely at strong snowboarders with good technique.


Shaper Series


The Never Summer Maverix comes in both men and women's models. Both are very directional boards with a large waist tapering down significantly at the tail. Both models have the Never Summer Fusion rocker profile. The idea is to either ride a Maverix in a size that's either bigger or shorter (by up to 10cm!) The result is a cushy ride when ridden in a larger size or a super nimble fat shorty when sized down. Both boards are mid flexing and as the name Shaper Series suggests are snowboards that love to carve hard and fast. Try this if you love to carve.

Insta / Gator

Again in both women's and men's versions like the Maverix the INSTA / GATOR is designed to be ridden up to 10cm longer or shorter than your normal size. The striking thing is the size of the waist - it has a huge surface area. However, this is arguably a more versatile snowboard than the Maverix and sized down would be a whole lot of fun riding sidecountry powder and through the trees. It is a snowboard that is stable, easy to maneuver and grows on you throughout the day.



The Onyx is the softest women's freestyle twin that Never Summer produce and whilst there are softer ladies park boards around very few have the stability of the Onyx. This gives you increased confidence on kicker landings whilst their Press Flex core means you can still butter with ease. Soft and snappy and a helluva lot of fun the Onyx is aimed at girls who ride park and spring side hits with steeze.


What to say about the Never Summer Warlock other than we have a lot of love for this snowboard A relatively new addition to the stable this freestyle and powder true twin features their original rocker camber profile and the funkiest shape. The soft flex between the feet and torsionally rigid nose and tail allows it to turn on a dime and press like a boss. It reminds us ever so slightly of the discontinued Cobra in that respect. The Warlock is soft, snappy and stable at speed and has become our spring slush board of choice - yet to try one in the powder but we reckon it would be wizard in it. Come and try this on a warm spring afternoon lapping side hits and then try it in the park.


The Never Summer Funslinger is an asymmetrical twin and features the same deeper radius heelside sidecut as the Proto Type Two. However, where the Proto has a lot of pop this thing is much fun. We like it in the 156 or 153 lengths which is credit to its stability at speed. It just wants you to jump off everything. A very worthy replacement for the much loved EVO the Funslinger features the Ripsaw rocker camber profile. Come and try this when you want to laugh!

We have always been fans of Never Summer Industries here at The Rider Social. The Colorado based company started manufacturing boards under the Never Summer brand name in 1991 having previously made boards under the name Swift which was started in 1983.

Today each board is carefully handcrafted in their Denver, Colorado factory to precision tolerances. Their domestic manufacturing and ability to improve upon existing technologies resulted in Never Summer being awarded the first patent on any type of hybrid camber technology. Only the world’s best snowboard shops are authorised to sell Never Summer snowboards.

Board Insiders recently published an interview with Tracey Canaday who along with brother Tim is one of the founders of Never Summer Industries. In it he talks about the ethos behind the brand and the technology that goes into their products. You can watch that interview right here

Never Summer Industries hold the patent for their Rocker and Camber technology. You will only find Rocker and Camber on Never Summer snowboards. However, that hasn’t stopped them from innovating. Check out their Ripsaw Camber

At The Rider Social you can test award winning jib and park boards such as the Funslinger & Warlock and all mountain destroyers including the awesome Ripsaw, West, Proto and Snowtrooper.

For big line riding check out The Chairman and Twenty Five or on those deeper days come and get surfy on the Swift powder board – a nod to their roots of snowboard design back in 1983!

Never Summer and The Rider Social – together we will hook you up with the perfect ride.

For more information then please get in touch.